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Most delicious and robusting flavour. We had wonderful dinner.

Upali Jayatissa


It has been nearly a year in October and November 15, since I posted my review, or so I thought I did, however my husband and I were visiting in Dubai from Texas, USA hoping to get to Sharjah, but things have things have changed so much since 93, 97 and 06, especially 2006. We read good reviews on this restaurant and thought we would try it. I must say, it was a bit hard to get to especially if unfamiliar, the area was semi residential, not a fancy hotel area. If that is what you are looking for this place wouldn't be, if you want very well prepared food and service, this is the place. We parked along the street and walked to the restaurant, first passing a laundromat, if I recall. We entered what was a very clean restaurant, greeted by a most welcoming host and were promptly seated. After looking over the menu and perhaps at our host and waiters suggestion, we decided to look at the selection of fresh fish and prawns. I do believe we chose prawns for the both of us. I eat about two, because they are really large, my husband, who was new to traveling to this part of the world, was worried about the cost. I said I would just order. Told the gentleman, our host, we would take a dozen because I knew my husband would eat them. As they placed the gorgeous, huge and fresh prawns on the scale, I saw my husband's eyes look afraid. We took their recommendation on how chef would prepare. First our soup was brought out to us, tasty, but I don't remember what it was. Next salad, and afterwards fried rice with our specialty grilled prawns. The looked amazing. We dug in and my husband thought they were delicious, really delicious. As I finished, my two and he was already at his 6th, I asked if I could have another, he said well of course. He said I just can't we spent $100 for 12 prawns. He still didn't know the scale was the for kilos and not cost. I said yes, but aren't they the best you have ever had? He said, absolutely without a doubt! I said, well just enjoy them. Well, we finished the dinner, declined coffee or tea and any dessert. We asked for the ticket, me knowing what it was going to be around in cost, but not saying anything. Ticket came, and I said just let me have it because I don't want you to think about the cost, just how delicious the meal was. He said no, he got it. When he looked at it, did the conversion, he was shocked to learn the ticket was around $18 US dollars. I saw a sigh of relief, because a trip to this area of the world for some, is quite expensive, as it was for us. However, this dinner was not. Food, superb, fresh seafood, with small selection that allows it to remain fresh, place was very clean and the service great. Worth trying to find in this out of the way place. But, do try!

Bethanne Arafat Franco


Wir waren im Dezember 2015 hier. Sunil der Restaurant-Manager hat uns sehr gut beraten. Wir haben uns für den Sherry Fish entschieden. Der Fish wurde sehr schmackhaft zubereitet. Als Beilage hatten wir Reis, gemischten Salat und Fladenbrot. Als Vorspeise gab es eine Suppe, die vom Restaurant gratis gereicht wurde. Wir waren begeistert und werden auf jeden Fall das nächste Mal wieder im Fish Hat essen. Wir sind von der Al Karama Metro Station zu Fuß hingelaufen. Ca. 15-20 Minuten Fußweg. Thanks to Sunil we enjoyed our meal in Fish Hat. We can recommend this fish restaurant. The fish was excellent prepared and also the service was very good. The store manager explained us everything and helped us to make the right choice. We came all the way from Germany to eat at Fish Hat Dubai. See you next time again when we are again in Dubai.

Petra Friedrich

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