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World Fisheries Day

We all like fish and related food items. It is an avoidable choice for most of us. The thing we need to consider is that our addition should not affect the resources. Unfortunately the studies show that the water sources which has rich fish resources is being exploiting. Another major problem is pollution. All these issues are affecting the fish resources very much. It threaten the very habitat of marine species. So in order to overcome those issues and to empower water resources we have a day. It is The World Fisheries Day which is celebrated on November 21 every year.

This World Fisheries Day is celebrated by fishing communities around the world. This day does not pass through by just remembering but it is celebrated in different ways. It includes awareness classes, Workshops, Cultural programs related to fisheries theme, rallies, dramas, film shows and so on.

The real agenda of this day is not celebration, it is intended to safeguard our water resources. Our water resources, as mentioned earlier, facing some issues. Most of the civilization in the world is developed near the water resources. Many communities in the world were living with the fish resources. Their income is purely based on those water resources. The species in the water resources having a great role in maintaining the equilibrium of the life cycle. So the fisheries resources are essential for the existence.

World wide global warming affecting the water resources in high rate. To a great extent global warming is the product of we human beings. The lack of proper control and monitoring in the case of industrialisation is the main cause of this. If we control the chlorofluorocarbon gases and heat emitting situations we could control this global warming. In other sides water resources like rivers are being exploited for construction purpose for getting sands. Many factories are not establishing necessary control mechanism to waste removal. They are simply dumping that into the water resources. Here immediate actions needed to be taken. For this active utilisation of days such as World Fisheries Day needed to be undertaken.

Every drop of water is important like wise the water resources. So let us do something for that.

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