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Visit a seafood restaurant in Dubai and enjoy the different flavors

Seafood in Dubai is among the common cuisines that one can find across restaurants countrywide. A variety of seafood is available in the Dubai marketplace from varied sources. These fishes are harvested by a commercial fisherman in sea shores, ocean waters and in fresh water lakes. Restaurants get the large supplies of sea food from the fish farm which processes these sea foods efficiently. Once the harvesting is completed then these sea foods are processed and packed for distribution to the restaurants. Also, a variety of other sea food is imported from various coastal countries around the world.

seafood restaurant

Seafood restaurants, Dubai

There are many renowned restaurants in Dubai which serve its tourists with a delicious sea food cuisine. A healthy cuisine which also tastes great leaves a drastic impression on the customer visiting the place. Dubai has its own charm and flavor with regional tastes. The demand for sea food is large among the visitors and lot of local crowd. The sea food restaurant with some good name prepares the dishes with high-quality ingredients without using any flavors. A wide range of fresh sea food items will be displayed on the chef’s menu and the customer can feel the aroma of best spices & flavors.

Value-Added Seafood

There is also the demand of other sea food items which have value additions in it. Some of the items include breaded seafood, dried fish, pre-cooked seafood, fresh minced clams, pre-seasoned fish fillets and much more. These products are also obtained from the major sea food suppliers and the items are stored with care. Value-added seafood requires safe handling guidelines and cooking temperatures. These products have specific time length for the use and it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s guide for the use of the product within the recommended length of time.

Top seafood main course items in fresh seafood restaurant Dubai

  • Grilled Squid/Calamari
  • Grilled Prawns
  • Seafood Platter
  • Grilled Tiger Prawns
  • Squid-Calamari Mappas Coconut Curry
  • Fish Gravy – Sardines
  • Deep Fried Tiger Prawns
  • Tawa Fry – South India Style
  • Char Grilled Fish Butterflied Shape
  • Grilled Salmon

Going for a trip to Dubai? Search for the best restaurants in Dubai who serves sea food of best quality. Don’t compromise on your taste and get the type of food you want in the city. The city which attracts thousands of new tourists is bound to have restaurants of all tastes and sea food has a whole length of the category under it. Get the ‘Yum Yum’ food at the best locations with top rated chefs ready to serve you a delicious plate.

Food loving people can try out seafood for the first time if they haven’t ever tried the cuisine. The restaurants in Dubai have a great ambiance and serve special fish items with King Fish, Sheri, Kofer, Hamour, Sea breams, Prawns, Crabs and much more. Also, enjoy the tastes of eastern recipes at very reasonable costs. Sea food costs more but people who have the tastes buds actively working for them can distinguish the various tastes in seafood items.

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