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Various Types of Seafood

When you are on vacation in Dubai there are lots of things to do, but what to eat. If you are omnivorous than seafood could be relished. For centuries, seafood has been the top ingredient of eastern and western civilization. People across the world enjoy the delicious seafood and take advantage of its immense health benefits. It provides proper nutrition, necessary proteins, oil, minerals and other necessary nutrition like Omega-3 to the consumers when included in daily diet. Lovers of seafood and especially golden pompano, white shrimp, lobster, cod, frozen blue mussels, and frozen squid can find them in almost every part of the world. All of these are well known and familiar seafood species in different parts of the world. These can be found in deep oceans and deep waters at the edge of the continental shelf. These can be caught easily and are often harvested (aquaculture) by offshore fishermen everywhere (coastal areas). Seafood should always be kept frozen as it is extremely sensitive to temperature. Another thing to consider is that you should never overcook seafood otherwise the flavors will be completely destroyed.


Different types of Seafood are:

  • Finfish: There are uncountable recipes, which can be used to make fish like herring, salmon, cod etc.
  • Salmon: Fish like salmon will have a wonderful flavor when marinated with herbs or herb butter. Alternatively, you can marinate it with Thai spices. Smoked salmon will do well in salads.
  • Herring: These are small and oily fish that can be steamed as well as fried or baked. Cut away the heads of the fish and slash several cuts in the body to let the flavor of the marinade go deep into the fish.
  • Halibut: These are very large, flatfish and can be bought in the form of fillets. You may catch your own fish as well. If you want to preserve it as a whole, then hang it out in the sun to sun-dry completely. You can freeze the filleted fish.
  • Cod: These have a nice flavor and can be marinated with Indian spices. This is a good fish to be used in dishes like fish ‘n’ chips and fish burgers. It can be baked as a whole. Freezing is the best way to preserve it.
  • Anchovies: These ones are small, salty and oily fish. When preparing this fish, never ever use too much salt. Use salt 60 percent less than you normally use in your foods. Anchovies are easy to handle and can be preserved by using the bringing or freezing method.

Eating seafood is part of a healthy diet. Since we are living in a health and weight conscious society find foods that are high in beneficial proteins and low on saturated fats are quite important. The health benefits of seafood can be the lowering of cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart disease, lowering the risk of stroke, and building muscle.

It is undoubtedly apparent to see the effects of a high seafood diet when visiting a coastal community. In general, these people live healthier and longer. Fish and seafood with higher protein can help prevent weight gain naturally, and it is easier to digest. It is a natural and easily obtainable food source in some areas making is a good alternative for poultry or red meat.

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