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Shellfish is not selfish

Shellfish is not a fish but it is not selfish. Even though there is a ‘fish’ in its name, it is not a fish but a water dwelling animal. Then why it is mentioned that it is ‘not selfish ‘ is because where ever it is, it is useful to its surroundings. Whether it is in the sea or among human beings as a food , it never matters, It do some favours. It contribute more to sustain life in the source where it is growing. The long lines of shellfish is very much useful to other marine species as they use shellfish for food and shelter.

The fame of shellfish not end in sea world. it is the favorite of we humans too…

Shellfish is one of the favorite food items around the world. It is known in different names in different countries. Phylum Arthropoda ,Cephalopods,bivalves and molluscs are different types of shellfish.Oysters(raw), Mussels (boiled), Clams(canned), Shrimps(boiled), Prawns(boiled), Lobsters(boiled), Crayfish(raw), Crabs(boiled), Cuttlefish(raw), Octopus(raw)Squid(raw) are different types of food items used world wide. These food items known in different names in different places but the taste is well known world wide.

Shellfish is highly beneficial to we human beings. It is rich in its nutrients content. It contains sufficient amount of protein. It provides you high calorie. So make you active throughout the day. Like other sea foods the shellfish also contains rich omega 3 fatty acids which is beneficial to human body in different ways. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the cholesterol in blood vessels and facilitate smooth blood flow in heart vessels. So it reduces the chance of heart attack. It develops concentration, reading skills in childrens. Shellfishes are rich in nutrients such as B12,niacin,selenium, iron and zinc. Selenium act as a best antioxidant and it prevents arthritis and help to maintain a healthy and smooth skin. Seafoods contains high amount of retinol and it boost the eyesight of human beings.Ceviche,Cioppino,Callaloo, Clam chowder, Curanto, Fruits de mer, Paella, Sashimi, Shrimp cocktail some of the shellfish dishes used around the globe.

Shellfish always be the favorite of food lovers, around the world. It will be always like that. The journey all the ways from the sea opens doors to thousands of food varieties and tastes.

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