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Seafood Consumption – An ancient custom

In the modern era we are familiar with places which offer sea foods. It may also have different ambience and different ways of operation. We may think that this much of popularity came to sea foods in this modern times only. But the thing is not like that. Seafood consumption is actually an ancient custom. It started long time ago. In ancient evidences such as writings pictures are all stating this as true.

Studies shows that around 40,000 years back the seafood consumption started. Isotopic analysis of Tianyuan Man proves that ancient man consumed seafoods. Some of the ancient cave paintings also proved this. So it is clearly indicating that ancient men had understood the taste and possibility of sea foods and they used different ways for consuming that. Their life actually based the hunting. They arranged their stay according to the availability of prey or food. Staying near to water resources was just an extension of this custom. From the time they started living near to sea, they started hunting marine species and included sea food items into their daily diet.

In ancient seafood consumption, different civilisations were very much active. In egypt it is evident through various forms. Mainly the toms of people who lived over there spoked this truth. Other than that the drawings and papyrus documents proved this. Like wise ancient Greece, Israelite, Rome, all are fond of the tastes of seafoods.It also proves evidence of visionary people who lived over there. They understood the health benefits of the seafoods.

From the ancient times to the modern times the use of seafood consumption continued. People from all ages loved the taste of seafood items. Now on the modern era seafoods were available in different recipes in different tastes. Now people are keep on innovating on this sea food items.

It is true true that seafoods are all time favorites. It doesn’t matter whether he is ancient man or modern man.

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