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Sea Foods – The treasures from the sea

Its about a journey which started from the time man happens to stay aside of the sea. From centuries back the journey started and now being the journey continues. The journey always starts from the sea and ends in the shore. It is the journey of the sea foods.

Sea foods are really the treasure lies in the deep sea. The journey always happened for us! for the humans. You may think why? Because sea foods are the the rich sources of vitamins and other minerals which ensures a healthy life for we humans. Including a sea foods in our daily diet will give us a healthy and disease free life. You may excited to know more….Here it is take a look.
Healthy Heart and a Happy Life
Sea foods are rich in amount of Omega fatty acid, it will reduce the cholesterol in human blood.This reduced cholesterol will facilitate smooth blood circulation in the body especially in the heart region. So this can reduce the chance of heart attack. So including sea foods reduces the chance of heart attack and ensures you a fearless life.
Extra power for your brain
Including the sea foods in diet increase the brain power. Here also the Omega fatty acid plays a major role. Research shows DHA an Omega Fatty acid helps the children by improving reading, concentration skills. Sea foods reduce the chance of dementia and memory problems in later life.
Reduce the chance of Inflammation
Seafood consumption lowers rate of inflammation by reducing C-reactive protein, interleukin 6 etc. Here Omega 3 fatty acid plays the role of anti – inflammatory agent.
It shines your skin
Consumption of seafoods provides you smooth skin. It reduce the chance of eczema and psoriasis and gives your skin protection from the UV rays. The collagen rich protein in sea foods gives humans a firm and flexible skin. So seafoods shines your skin.
Say goodbye to depression
The rich omega 3 fatty acid provides you multiple benefits. It not only gives you healthy body a healthy mind also. Including sea foods keeps us away from depression.
Power to your eye
Eating sea foods gives power to your eye. Sea food especially sea fish and shellfish contains high amount of retinol. So it boosts eye vision. Omega 3 fatty acid can protect you from age -related macular degeneration. So in any aspects seafood ensures wellness of your eye.
Rich source of essential nutrients
Sea foods are rich in nutrients, it contribute more to a healthy life. In sea foods iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium present in high amount. Iodine prevents the goiter. So dont hesitate have sea foods in your daily routine diet.
Breath Easy
Sea foods especially shellfish contains nutrients which keeps the lungs healthy. Consumption of seafood relieve the symptoms of asthma. Including sea foods in daily life enhance the power of lungs. Healthy lungs will bring more vital energy into our body.

So its clear that sea foods is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients which give us a healthy life. Including sea food to our routine diet will a healthy and happy life. It comes all the way from sea to enrich our life. It is really the treasure lies in the deep sea.

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