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Dubai restaurants are the big attractions of the tourists

Dubai is one of the culturally and socially diverse cities of the Arab world. It is amazingly striking to tourists and receives one of the highest visitor populations. You feel in living in the land of your dreams as it makes great sense that there are the ample varieties of entertainment and there are various great things to do in this city, which is definitely the case of the attraction of the tourists from the whole of the world. It is not only the business, but the food point of the world.

Food and specially the seafood is so delicious which is served in the restaurants here and would arrest your heart-

But what took my heart is the food, specially the seafood; there are restaurants that serve some of the best cuisine from around the world. And while that is unquestionably the case about the food, it should also come as no surprise that the most admired sort of food in the city is seafood. And you can definitely find great seafood in Dubai to please your grill.

There are seafood served by the top restaurants and beachfront eating venues, seafood comes in all varieties and establishments throughout the city. It is no less than god’s grace to taste fresh tuna, deep fried shrimp and grilled salmon here; this is a favorite among locals and a great find for tourists also.

The atmosphere is gorgeous inside the restaurants, make it pleasant to eat and linger in the restaurants –

The smoked fish dip is one of the restaurants only one of its kind and fascinating appetizer options. In addition to the daily fresh catch there are land-based options for patrons who have the preference. Crowd is one of the strongest qualities determining factors for a restaurant or any other establishment, but you can find the taste food in the restaurants which are less crowded.

The atmosphere of the place is also extremely good that it salt water aquariums. The nautical themes in the restaurant’s decor also include a piano, which contributes to the atmosphere and style of the place.  Nautical art and other different art can be seen throughout the restaurants here making it more interesting to spend time here.

There are many elegant restaurants which serve different kind of food, but give them an original taste. There are the many great dishes on the menu include the seafood paella and tilapia that is baked in rock salt. Dubai is the greatest places to find excellent seafood.

Try different flavors of fish to satisfy your hunger –

Cooking of fish is very diverse here, the every region of the world has its own cooking styles but in Dubai you call find all of them. That is why Dubai is well loved by tourists, restaurants here makes use of lavender in their cooking. Fish, chicken and lamb dishes are cooked with good use of herbs such as sage, rosemary and others are popular among the tourists.

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