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The Best Place to Eat Seafood in Dubai

Dubai is widely known as much for its gamut of attractions as for a variety of mouth-watering cuisines including the seafood. Yes, seafood is pretty popular among both locals and tourists from other parts of the world. If in Dubai, must grab a chance to dig through the range of …

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Tips on how to grill seafood

dubai seafood restaurants

It is very hard to deny the luxury of eating a perfectly cooked steak in Dubai, but what really highlights your repertoire is the art of knowing how to grill seafood. It definitely is difficult to grill the same but not impossible. The best of the chefs claim that there …

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Fish Hut the sea food restaurant in Dubai  by giving you a good feast with a healthy cuisine which is the combination of fresh fish and sea foods with the green salads with in an awesome atmosphere.The restaurant has a good ambiance and is the perfect place to enjoy the …

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