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The Best Place to Eat Seafood in Dubai

Dubai is widely known as much for its gamut of attractions as for a variety of mouth-watering cuisines including the seafood. Yes, seafood is pretty popular among both locals and tourists from other parts of the world. If in Dubai, must grab a chance to dig through the range of seafood the city’s restaurants have to offer.

Food is a good way to know about the culture of a place. A place rich in culture is also rich in cuisines. And Dubai is a great example of it, with a variety of local flavors as well as cuisines of other countries easy to find at restaurants across Dubai. But when it comes to eating seafood in Dubai, Marina stands atop. It has a quite pretty good number of restaurants offering a variety of seafood.

Whatever your choice, you will easily find the right option.  From grilled crab, prawns, grilled tiger to seafood platter, Marina has some of the world’s best seafood restaurants that have a wide range of menus to satiate your palate.  Live Lobster grilled in chef’s special flavors, grilled salmon with Flavor: Lime & Thyme, Rosemary, Mint & Spinach to Tava fried south Indian style fish, they have got in their menus that will satiate your palate.

The best thing about Marina is that there are restaurants offering luxury eating out options as well as cheap eating choices. From deluxe restaurants to affordable street styled ones to open sky restaurants, you will easily find the best seafood restaurant here in Marina for you.

There are many ways you can search for a seafood restaurant. From coffee table book, online directories, to travel sites, you can use any of them to find a restaurant offering seafood in Marina.  But if you want to have the best taste, you should go with the one that specializes in what you want to eat.

For example, if you love grilled prawns, crabs, and lobster topped with leafy salads, Dubai Fish Hut Restaurant should be your choice. It is one of the most reputed seafood restaurants in Marina offering a variety of dishes. But unlike luxury restaurants, it is cheap and serves your need within your budget. So it is the best place to eat seafood for tourists.

Marina is ideally located; you can reach here from any part of Dubai in a few minutes. It is well connected through public transport. Also, you can find a taxi, cab, to private car services in this area. You can find a better means of commutation round the clock.  Come down here and dig through a variety of seafood whenever you want.

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